Structural Steel Fabrications

Whether it’s for a one-off construction project or a larger build, we’re the company for you. Whether you are after durable structural steel beams, sheet metal or general steel fabrication services, we can help.

We work closely with our clients to provide a quality service across London and the South of England, offering advice on design suitability and value for money.

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Connections and Joints

Fin plate connections are economical joints to fabricate and simple to erect. These connections are popular, as they can be the quickest connections to erect and overcome the problem of shared bolts in two-sided connections.

A precise yet flexible approach means we are able to work on any project. Our designers will calculate the best options for your structure and our welders and manufacturers will craft the compliant joints.

We work with only the highest quality materials to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

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Calculated Complex Curves

We know that not everything works in a straight line, with this in mind we are able to help calculate and account for curves that are normally seen in nature.

The design work needed for this is more demanding and our team will be able to work with you to craft any shape to still be strong and lasting.

Curves really are beautiful.

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