Design of Structural Steel

The team at Neil’s Steel are highly experienced users of Advance Steel. Advance Steel allows us to design steel joints and fabrication exactly to specifications, ensuring a smooth and accurate manufacturing process.

3D Parametric Solid Modelling allows fabrications to be created with speed and accuracy including automatic connection detailing. Steelwork connections are effortlessly detailed through the use of advanced parametric tools and we will provide Automatic Drawing Generation.

We are able to take plans directly from your engineer or architect and apply to our designs, enabling us to quickly craft a 3D model of your steel works.

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Structural Steel Joint Design

Structural Steel Joints

Autodesk advance steel enables us to take on the most intricate designs of joints. It’s simple to use and flawless modelling helps us to create a dialogue with you by sending you simple to read designs. We know that working with you in this process helps to ensure the smooth manufacture and installation of your steel at the right price.

Calculated Complex Curves

Design rarely works in a straight line; we know that from experience. The manipulation of steel is a delicate process and all starts with design. We are able to craft and create complex curves for some of the more elaborate structures as we know that not all builds are ‘straight forward’.

Cross sections of structural steel design

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